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DRS-C Product Overview

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DRS - C Product Overview

How It Works Dedicated Recirc System - Controller Only Components

All of our products have a water flow switch (Flow Monitor) that turns the pump on and off automatically.  

Here is a simple explanation of how it works (see more detailed explanation to the right):

  1. Turn on any hot water faucet for 1 second, then off.
  2. Wait about 30 to 45 seconds.
  3. When you turn the faucet back on you will have hot water waiting for you.

Heating up your water pipes only when you need hot water has several benefits.  

First, it reduces your energy costs. Keeping the circulation line hot in case you need hot water, wastes a lot of energy.

A typical circulation pump pulls hot water from the tank and circulates it through your house.  The water cools off before it gets back to the water heater and must be heated again.

Second, it helps eliminate pinhole leaks.  Studies show that pinhole leaks in homes are in the hot water recirc lines 87% of the time.

Water has chemicals that are corrosive.  When they are heated up they become more corrosive.  And when the water is circulated through water pipes it is even worse.

By turning off the pump a thin patina is allowed to reform on the inside of the pipe.  This allows self healing of the water pipes and creates a thin layer of protection when the water is running.

And third, it saves electricity by not running the pump.

The Dedicated Recirc System - Controller Only (DRS-C) is the first "true on-demand" hot water circulating system that can turn an existing circulation pump into an on-dmand system so that it does not waste water or energy.  

A "true on-demand system" is a system that is started by a demand for hot water.  Other systems require you to push a button, use a remote or have the pump on a timer to start delivering hot water.

All of our systems use a proprietary protocol we call:

Faucet Activated Smart Technology™ (F.A.S.T.)

When any hot water faucet in your home is turned on for 1 second and then off, the circulation pump starts pushing hot water out to your furthest fixtures. 

How it works (see the simple explanation to the left):

The exisiting circulation pump is installed in the return line of a tank style water heater.  One of our Flow Monitors (flow switch) is installed in the cold water line feeding the water heater. 

The cold water line that feeds the water heater is called a cold water make-up line.  That is, when hot water leaves the system when a faucet is turned on, it must be made up with cold water.  

When water flow is sensed in the cold water make-up line someone in the house needs hot water and the Flow Monitor turns the circulator pump on.  This is the only system that monitors the water use to turn the pump on and off.


Plumbing layout Dedicated Return Line 1 leg.png

Hot water circulation system

Faucet Activated Smart Technology™

Flow Monitor

Flow Monitor MT.png

A flow switch that monitors the cold water make-up line.  

If there is a demand it turns the pump on.  When the demand ends, it turns the pump off.

Pump Manager

DRS-Pbase-photo trans.png

A controller that manages the operation of the return line and circulation pump.   It is the "brains" of the system that automatically implements the F.A.S.T. protocol.

High speed circulation pumps are available from Faster Hot Water as well.

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