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Faster Hot Water

WaterQuick Pro II - Advanced Specifications

Pump specifications including dimensions and pump performance curves.

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WaterQuick Pro II - Advanced was designed to work with tank style water heaters and will work with one or more dead-end plumbing line (s).  Easy 1 to 2 hour installation can be performed by a professional installer or as a DIY project.  Moves 30% more water than a WaterQuick Pro II - Standard.

Pump Technical Data
Flow Range: 0 to 10 US gpm
Head Range: 0 to 20 US feet
Motor: Single phase, 115 vAC
Min. Fluid Temp. 36° F (2° C)
Max. Fluid Temp. 230° F (110° C)
Max. Working Pressure: 145 psi


Electrical Data
Volts: 115 vAC
Watts: 93 W
Amps 0.81 A
Electrical Connection 8' cord, 115 vAC plug


Circulation Pump
Speed I II III
Head (FT) 13 16 20
Power (W) 46 67 93


Pump Dimensions
Pump Silhouettes - small.png
Pump Performance Curves
Pump charts - small.png
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