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Faster Hot Water

Product Overview

WaterQuick Pro II - Advanced was designed to work with tank style water heaters and one or more dead-end plumbing lines.  The Advanced system Includes custom shut-off valves and custom supply lines which moves 30% more water than our standard system.  The simple 1 to 2 hour installation can be performed by a professional installer or as a DIY project without expensive remodeling or specialized tools.

♦ How It Works ♦ Hot Water Circulation System ♦ Components

All of our products have a water flow switch that turns the pump on and off automatically.  

Here is a simple explanation of how it works (see more detailed explanation to the right):

  1. Turn on any hot water faucet for 1 second, then off.
  2. Wait about 30 to 45 seconds.
  3. Turn on any hot water faucet and you will have hot water waiting for you without wasting more than a cup down the drain.

There are several gallons of water in your water pipes between the water heater and your sink or shower.

The longest wait may be in your kitchen or in a bathroom on the other side of the house from the water heater.

The cool water in your hot water line must be moved out of the way before you get hot water.

There are 3 choices where it can go:

  1. Down the drain
  2. Catch it in a bucket to flush your toilets or water your plants
  3. Use the cold water line to return it to the water heater

Choice #3 is the best choice and can be accomplished with our hot water circulating pump.

The WaterQuick Pro II - Advanced includes custom shut-off valves and custom supply lines with much bigger openings than standard shut-off valves and standard supply lines.  This allows 30% more water to be moved than our standard system.

WaterQuick Pro II - Advanced hot water circulation system is a "true on-demand" hot water circulating system for existing or new homes that delivers hot water fast without wasting water down the drain.  

A "true on-demand system" is a system that is started by a demand for hot water.  Other systems require you to push a button, use a remote or have the pump on a timer to start delivering hot water.

All of our systems use a proprietary protocol we call:

Faucet Activated Smart Technology™ (F.A.S.T.)

When any hot water faucet in your home is turned on for 1 second and then off, the circulation pump starts pushing hot water out to your furthest fixtures. 

How it works (see the simple explanation to the left):

A small, high speed, ultra-quiet circulation pump is installed in the hot water pipe, out of, or the cold water pipe, into, a tank style water heater.  Then a Flow Monitor (a flow switch) is attached to the pump. 

When water flow is sensed, someone in the house needs hot water, the Flow Monitor turns the recirc pump on.  This is the only system that monitors the water use to turn the pump on and off.

Bridge Valve is installed under the furthest sink.  Bridge Valve connects the hot and cold water supply lines under the most remote kitchen or bathroom sink in the house.

The Bridge Valve has a temperature sensor built into it and opens and closes the valve based on the water temperature. The Bridge Valve does not require electricity and takes up very little space under the sink.

When the Flow Monitor detects hot water use anywhere in the house, it turns on the hot water pump. The cool water that normally would go down the drain is circulated back to the water heater through the Bridge Valve and into the cold water line.

The Bridge Valve closes at 95º F to prevent hot water from entering the cold water line.

The pump will turn off when the Bridge Valve is filled with 95º F water and when all hot water faucets have been turned off.  

Note:  The pump will always run when a hot water faucet is open.


Circulation Pump

Chinese pump transparent.png

Flow Monitor

Flow Monitor MT.png

Bridge Valve

BV angle view MT.jpg

Custom Shut-off Valves

Angle Stops.png

Custom Supply Lines

Supply Lines solo.png


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