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WaterQuick Pro II Specifications

Pump specifications including dimensions and pump performance curves.

WaterQuick Pro II was designed to work with tank style water heaters and will work with one or more dead-end plumbing line (s).  Easy 1 to 2 hour installation can be performed by a professional installer or as a DIY project.

Pump Technical Data
Flow Range: 0 to 10 US gpm
Head Range: 0 to 20 US feet
Motor: Single phase, 115 vAC
Min. Fluid Temp. 36° F (2° C)
Max. Fluid Temp. 230° F (110° C)
Max. Working Pressure: 145 psi


Electrical Data
Volts: 115 vAC
Watts: 93 W
Amps 0.81 A
Electrical Connection 8' cord, 115 vAC plug


Circulation Pump
Speed I II III
Head (FT) 13 16 20
Power (W) 46 67 93


Pump Dimensions
Pump Silhouettes - small.png
Pump Performance Curves
Pump charts - small.png
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