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Faster Hot Water

WaterQuick Tankless Installation and Operation


Step 1.    Choose the location of the pump:

The circulation pump can be installed in either the cold water feed or the hot water out from the water heater. Ease of installation is the only consideration when making your decision.

Step 2.    Turn off water heater:

Turn off water heater to make sure it does not come on during installation.

Step 3.    Turn off water:

Turn off the water to the water heater. In most cases there is a valve located near the water heater on the cold water supply line.

Step 4.    Drain the hot water lines:

Turn on any hot water faucet in the house and let it run until the water stops flowing. Leave the faucet on for the duration of the installation. Drain remaining hot water using the hot water spigot on the water heater.

Note: If water continues to flow, check to make sure that the water has been completely turned off. If the valve does not shut off the water flow completely turn off the valve supplying water to the house or at the water meter.

Step 5.    Cut the water line where the pump is to be installed:

Remove a section of pipe equivalent to the length of the pump and Flow Monitor assembled plus any extra length for required fittings.

Step 6.    Orientation of pump and Flow Monitor:

Make sure the arrows on the pump and Flow Monitor are pointing in the direction of flow.

Step 7.    Install pump:

Correct installation of the pump can be either horizontal or vertical. Use proper straps for support if necessary.

Step 8.    Install the Flow Monitor:

Make sure the gasket is inserted in the female end of the Flow Monitor. Carefully thread the Flow Monitor on to the pump with the arrow pointing up in the direction of water flow. Do not over tighten.

Step 9.    Complete connections and turn on water:

Make sure that a hot water faucet is turned on in the house and then slowly turn the water back on to the water heater. Check for leaks and repair as necessary. Leave the water running until all of the air has been purged from the water pipes. Turn off the faucet.

Step 10.    Connect the Pump Manager and the Flow Monitor:

There are 2 switches that control the speed of the pump and how it works. The first switch is located in the power cord.

Connect the wire from the Flow Monitor to the connector in the electrical wire from the pump. Set rocker switch to the "Auto" setting.

Set pump toggle switch to "3" for the highest speed.

Step 11.    Plug the pump in:

Plug the pump into a properly grounded 110 vAC outlet.

Step 12.    Test pump operation:

Turning on any hot water faucet in the house to start the pump. Turning off the faucet will stop the pump (assuming that the Advanced Bridge Valve has not been installed yet).

Note: If the Advanced Bridge Valve has been installed the pump will continue to run until 95°F water reaches the sink where the Advanced Bridge Valve is installed. The temperature sensor in the Advanced Bridge Valve will shut off and the water will stop flowing (unless a hot water faucet is open).

Operating Instructions

To activate the WaterQuick Pro II hot water delivery system, simply turn on any hot water faucet in the house and quickly turn it off.

This will start the pump and within a few seconds you will have hot water everywhere in your home. The amount of time that you wait varies from home to home and is dependent on how far the sink is from the water heater, the size of your water pipes and how many turns there are in the water pipes.

WaterQuick Tankless - Hot Water Where You Want It, When You Want it!


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