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Faster Hot Water

Product Overview and Specs

Product Overview

The WaterQuick Pro II ™ - Standard WaterQuick Pro II is the first "true on-demand" hot water circulating system for existing homes that delivers hot water in 30 seconds or less*. 

A small, high speed, ultra-quiet hot water circulation pump is installed on the hot water outlet of a tank style water heater. A Bridge Valve connects the hot and cold water supply lines under the most remote kitchen or bath fixture in the house.

When the integrated Flow Manager detects hot water use anywhere in the house, it turns on the hot water pump. The cool water that normally would go down the drain is circulated back to the water heater through the cold water line.

The Bridge Valve has a built-in temperature sensor that closes when hot water reaches the farthest sink. Unless a hot water faucet is on the Water Monitor will turn off the pump because hot water is everywhere you need it! 




Pump Technical Data:

Flow Range:    0 to 10 US gpm
Head Range:    0 to 20 US feet
Motor    Single phase, 115 vAC
Min. Fluid Temp.    36° F (2° C)
Max. Fluid Temp.    230° F (110° C)
Max. Working Pressure    145 psi

Electrical Data:

Volts    115 vAC
Watts:    93W
Amps    0.81A
Electrical Connection:    8 foot cord; 115 vAC plug

3 Speed Circulation Pump
Speed I II III
Head (Ft) 13 16 20
Power (W) 46 67 93


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