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Faster Hot Water

Product Overview and Specs

Product Overview and Specs

The Dedicated Recirc System converts a hot water circulation line into an efficient on-demand delivery system.

The Dedicated Recirc System delivers hot water only when there is a demand: 

  • Reducing Energy Costs &
  • Virtually Eliminating Pinhole Leaks

When the Flow Monitor detects a hot water demand the Pump Manager turns on the pump and rushes water out to where it is needed.

The Pump Manager will run the pump for approximately 1 minute to ensure that hot water is available throughout your home. (adjustable from 1 minute to 60 minutes)




Pump Technical Data:

Flow Range:    0 to 10 US gpm
Head Range:    0 to 20 US feet
Motor    Single phase, 115 vAC
Min. Fluid Temp.    36° F (2° C)
Max. Fluid Temp.    230° F (110° C)
Max. Working Pressure    145 psi

Electrical Data:

Volts    115 vAC
Watts:    93W
Amps    0.81A
Electrical Connection:    10 foot cord; 115 vAC plug

3 Speed Circulation Pump
Speed I II III
Head (Ft) 13 16 20
Power (W) 46 67 93


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